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Lab Accidents


Virtual Reality Lab Accidents

Goals & Objectives

  • To develop a series of virtual reality based laboratory accidents that will impress upon participants the consequences of failing to follow safety laboratory practices.
  • To instill participants with a vivid "memory" of laboratory accidents, thereby prompting a lifelong habit of safe laboratory practices.
  • Ultimately to reduce the accident rate in the nation's laboratories, including teaching, research, professional, and medical labs, from the high school level to the industrial workplace.

Project Summary

The basic premise of this project is that people will remember the experience of a laboratory accident much longer than any set of written rules. By providing this opportunity for students and other laboratory personnel to experience accidents in the relative safety of Virtual Reality it is our hope to impress upon then the importance of always following safety rules, and thereby to improve laboratory safety nationwide.

Background safety information and external references are also provided in order to deliver a complete package.


Some of the simulations require the Cosmo Player Plug-in, if you don't have the plug-in, please click here.

1. Proper Chemical Storage. VRML: Obey Disobey WTK: Open GL
2. Always wear safety glasses in lab. VRML: Obey Disobey
Java3D: Open
WTK: Open GL
3. No Food Or Drink Allowed in Lab. VRML: Obey Disobey
Java3D: Open
WTK: Open GL DirectX
4. Keep Aisle Ways Clear at all Times. VRML: Obey Disobey
Java3D: Open
WTK: Open GL
5. Always wear proper attire in the lab. WTK: Open GL
6. Securely Fasten Compressed Gas Cyls. WTK: Open GL DirectX
Worldup: Open GL DirectX
7. Knowing locations of fire extinguisher and exit doors.   WTK: Open GL
8.  No Horseplay Allowed in Lab.   Open GL
 9.  Safety Scavenger Hunt. ( SafeHunt )    Windows NT Windows 95

For more safety references, please go to our safety links.
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